A special message for all those people who think Poto and Cabenga is too hard....


Poto & Cabenga is released today! Click here to play!


I drew this for The Poster Cause. All profits go to Médecins Sans Frontières.


I just contributed to a great roger Dean tribute onSci-Fi-O-Rama.


This might be just about the coolest thing I have ever drawn.


The new MIKA book/EP Songs For Sorrow is out. I am very proud of it. I helped design it and put it together but I am also one of the artists who's work features in it along with the likes of Nilesh Mistry, Kersacoet, and two all-time heroes of mine, Jim Woodring and David McKee.


This is a poster I did for the Bats gig at The Windmill next month. I have been keen to do some proper screen-printed gig posters for some time so this is quite exiting for me. Hopefully I will do a few more. They will be on sale once the gig has happed.


This morning, on my way to work, I saw a Monster Truck in west Norwood and a Chinook circling over Peckham.


This morning on the way into the studio I saw a Goldcrest (The first I have ever seen in London) and I saw a man dressed as Scott Pilgrim! (Furry-hooded parka with a professor Xavier's School For The Gifted arm patch.) remarkable.


I am in Grazia Magazine this week! Page 81. Coming out of a party at 4am with Lady Ga Ga. No, its a fashion print that I designed.


My Friends. Crispin Finn.


We have just finished making Becky's new website! beckyhogg.com.


I made a design change to this website this morning. I will send one of my Uniqlo T-shirts to the first person who spots it.


All the posters from the Blisters On My Fingers show are now for sale online HERE Loads of great stuff. At the time of writing there are only 5 of mine left!


I just dropped off my new screen print for next week's show at Print Club. It should be an interesting show. There are loads of good people in it. The PV is on friday.


Thank you to the exelent amphersand blog for featuring a & that I designed.


Here is that mask that I made.


We did our workshop at the Design Museum on Saturday. Thank you to all the small people who helped out and thanks especialy to Lucy, our amazing model/victim. You can see more photos from the day here.


I have made a picture for Nike, Art Of Football. Unfortunatley, for the whole time I was working on this drawing I had this song stuck in my head.


The Design Museum Family Day is approaching again. This year we have extended the identety a bit and made this Poster. Also, Me and Anna Fidalgo will be running a balloon sculpture workshop on the day!


I have written an article about the Jean Prouvé exhibition for this months Grafik magazine


It is 2008 now so I have finished The List.


Who needs friends... Is a blog that I have been writing latley.


The screenprint is now on sale!


The Millenium Dome (the o2 as it is now called) is a strange place. I am spending a few hours a day there at the moment, painting a mural for Playstation. (bottom left in this photo.) yesterday they had a big scout-jamboree there, which was interesting. Take that are next.


There is a bit of cheating on the list this morning.


I have just added a couple of new drawings. One of them took about half an hour to do, the other took over a week.


There is an interesting expose of my work on the Mika records here
Sleevage is a good site. I like the way that I am sandwitched between Van Halen and Battles!


So I finished my frieze at Designersblock. It turned into a kind of cave painting. I will pe posting some more photos and a stop motion film soon


Its not every day you draw a 9ft high pine-cone. I am about a third of a way through this ginocapodic project at Designers Block. It is open all week and there is a bit of party on Friday night. We are going to have a few cocktails in my bit. You are welcome to join us.


RIP Lee Hazlewood


I have been sorting out my studio today.


Today I Bought a washing machine, washed the car, cut my own hair and made a gallon of ginger beer.


I no longer work for Airside! Thanks to everyone for an amazing four and a half years and a very nice send off party! I will be in to pick up all my rubbish tomorrow, honest.


Well, the Design museum I LOVE MY BIKE Thing went very well. I have uploaded some pictures


I did one of those Build/Get-Involved posters last night. You can see it, and the rest of them on the CR Blog


Hello to those people looking at this website in remote, wild or dangerous places! There have been hits from Guam, Baghdad, Vladivostock, Moose-Jaw and Nuneaton.


I am in this book. It is very nice. You can find out more about it at Grafik



Poto & Cabenga

Poto & Cabenga is a videogame that I made with Honeyslug and Kwok Fung Lam. We enterd it into Gamma IV, part of GDC 2010 in San Francisco. This year the theme was one button games and we got in! We had a great time, met loads of lovely people and hundreds of people played our game. Now you can play it online by clicking here. Bon Chance!


A new screenprint. Avalible in the shop

Car Boot Sale

Car Boot Sale is a book that I have made with Nobrow. We are launching it at Concrete Hermit on Thursday the 27th of August. There is more information Here. This is also about your last chance to see the Of the Wall Show.

Of The Wall

I am showing lots of new work at Concrete Hermit this August. The opening is on the 6th. Perhaps see you there. Many thanks to Chegworth Valley who will be providing drinks on the opening night. I am an apple juice fanatic and theirs is unsurpassable in my opinion.

Of The Wall Print

Available as a screen-print. Visit the Shop for more information and to purchase.

Southbank Imagine

Touchy Feely


Uniqlo, Chat up line

Driving At Night

Last.fm Lovebox

Acknowledgment Mural

Labour Of Love

Fertility Drawing

Design Museum family Day 2008

Blakney Point

Circular things

A Hunting Scene

Grafuck 3 is now on sale. This was my piece for it. Click on it to see some details and things

Playstation Three

A painting for the Playstation Three stand at the 02 arena

Flatpack Sexbot

Available as a screen-print. Visit the Shop for more information and to purchase.

Tea Break


scandalise your colleagues with the Tea and cakes screensaver

Cave Painting

Cave painting for Designersblock :Illustrate

Up A Mountain

Otter Woman

Design Museum Cycling Day

Design Museum Cycling Day

Design Museum Family Day

Identity for the Design Museum Family day

It's pop it's Art

Grafuck 2005

Mr Balloons


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