Hello. I am Richard Hogg.
Thank you for looking at my website.

I am a graphic artist.
I live in Crystal Palace, London and I work in a studio in Hackney. Originally I came from Hinckley, Leicestershire.

This website is called h099.com because h099 is a kind of rubbish l33t spelling of my surname that I have used for many years in videogames etc.
(Although on xbox live I am now called Funsp0nge. Feel free to say hi if you are into that kind of thing. It is probably the closest I will ever get to social networking.)

Thank you Guy For helping me with this site.

You can contact me here:


I am represented by Siobhan Squire. You can contact her here:



Copyright information
Everything on this site, including the design of the site itself, is copyright Richard Hogg 2009 unless specified otherwise.
Permission must be obtained prior to any commercial use of this work.
This includes 'non-public' commercial uses such as moodboards, pitches, and 'reference' use.
You are welcome to use images from this site on your blog but please tell me about it if you do.

Danger Thin Ice